10 Wedding Theme Ideas

If you are not sure about what theme you want for you wedding or want to think outside the box when it comes to your theme, listed below are 10 great ideas!


Take inspiration from the past when it comes to a vintage themed wedding, and be sure to buy many antiques and decorations to go along with this theme. Rent a classic gateway car such as an old Porsche or Volkswagen! Wood chairs and decor would also fit right in!


With this theme, don’t forget to add splashes of color with decor such as colored balloons, colored flowers, and more. You can add mismatched chairs to play along with this quirky theme, and the sky is the limit here!


Think of minimal and clean lines when it comes to this theme. You don’t want to over do it, and simple geometric shapes here and there are perfect. You can add a bold color scheme or structural backdrop, and you’re ready to go!


This theme is perfect for an outdoor wedding maybe on a ranch or a farm. Add string lights, mason jars, lace, and wood as much as you can! This will give the rustic and homey vibe that you are going for and guests will fall in love with it.

Garden Party

This theme can be very flexible! You can have your wedding on the roof top of a building, or just in your back yard and they will both look good. It gives a more casual yet intimate feel with many plants and green scenery but still casual tables and chairs, and this might be the theme for you if you want to have a smaller wedding.


Simplistically elegant would be perfect when describing this theme, and it’s perfect for you if may be having a lake or destination wedding. Oriental rugs and decorative pillows can fill and line the aisle, along with hung up tapestries for backdrops or decoration.

Traditionally Southern

This may be your calling if you are a true southern and are in love with your southern roots. Be sure to include Bourbon inspired drinks, monogrammed decor, pastel colors or shades of blue, and many more things that may apply to you and your family’s traditions!


Hopefully your love is written in the stars so that this theme is perfect for you. Add many galaxy inspired decorations as well as shiny or gold stars and moons, and don’t forget to add in the navy blue!


This is another great theme for a destination wedding or beach wedding! Add many plants such as palm fronds and colorful and bright flowers, as well as laid back or nude decor, and a signature beachy cocktail!


With darker or muted colors, this theme is perfect for a non traditional theme. Dark wood decor or tables and chairs would go perfect, as well as many different darker colored flowers. If this is your style, don’t be afraid to go all out with it even if it’s not traditionally what wedding decor may look like!

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