Benefits of Hiring a Travel Agent

I’m sure you know by now that planning a wedding is a lot of fun, but it’s also usually very stressful.  There are so many decisions to make and so much research to do and tasks to complete.

Many people choose to engage an expert wedding planner to assist them with their planning and relieve some of the stress of wedding planning and get the advice of someone who has years of experience and training in that field.

Similarly, hiring an expert travel agent can help relieve the stress of honeymoon planning – and the best part is that it’s usually free to hire a travel agent!

Compass Travel is a “no fee” agency, meaning that there’s no cost or higher prices for you to use most of my services, so why would you try to book your honeymoon on your own?

If you’re a bride, you might choose to have your fiancé handle the honeymoon planning.  If your fiancé will be planning your honeymoon, forward this to him and assure him that by using Compass Travel’s services you’ll be getting the best value for your travel dollar (and that it’s okay to ask for directions)!

Sometimes men want to all the work themselves, but they don’t need to.  A travel agent is one of the only wedding vendors that you won’t have to pay a fee to!  (I’m sure he’ll like that part of it.)  You two are still making all the decisions in the end; a travel agent just helps you reach them.

Compass Travel is not your same old travel agency.  I’m available on evenings and weekends to fit your schedule, integrate technology into my business (like the iPhone/Android app I have for you to use), don’t charge fees for most of my services, and customize trip recommendations for you

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