Best Bridal Shower Games

While past bridal shower games used to be pretty lame, came up with eight fun games that are sure to be fun for all of your guests.

1. Who Am I? Write famous names on cards and have everyone attach them to their foreheads with a headband or tape them to everyone’s backs. Guests then have to give one another hints until each person can figure out who they are. You can also make this significant to the bride by writing down people, places, movies, etc. that are important to her and the groom.

2. How Old Is The Bride? Collect photographs of the bride from childhood to the present. Number them and paste them onto a board (not in chronological order) and have guests guess the bride’s age at each photo. The guest that gets the most correct answers wins a prize.

3. Words of Wisdom. Have each guest write down words of wisdom for the soon-to-be-married couple, ranging from the serious to the silly. As the bride opens each present, the gift giver will stand up and read her advice.

4. Gift Bingo. Write the names of gifts the bride may receive, and have guests mark the appropriate spots as she opens her presents. Planner can get a bunch of prizes from the dollar store or the dollar bins at Target so there can be multiple winners.

5. Banned Words. Every guest receives a bracelet, as well as a list of banned words (like wedding, bride, etc.). If someone hears another guest say one of the words, she then takes that person’s bracelet. Whoever has the most bracelets at the end wins a prize.

6. Marriage Mad Libs. Create marriage advice-themed Mad Libs, where you have the bride give words for the pages (with help from the other guests), and then read it out loud.

7. The Price is Right. Line up some common household items—toilet paper, cleaning products, canned foods, etc.—and have guests write down what they think each items costs. The guest who gets the most correct guesses wins a prize.

8. Dressing for the Honeymoon. Blindfold the bride and fill a suitcase with crazy items: a tutu, weird hats, oven mitts, etc. Once she touches an item, she must put it on. It will make for a funny photo when she’s done getting dressed.

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