Brides- Don’t forget to do these at your wedding

According to, there are 6 essential things you cannot forget to do at your wedding for a memorable reception!

1. Spend time alone with your husband. Yes, you do have to pay attention to your guests, but don’t forget to have some one-on-one time with your new husband. Take time during the cocktail hour to enjoy a cocktail and some food just the two of you–it might be the only couple time you get for the rest of the night!

2. Take a look at the reception space. Before your guests file into the reception space, you want to get a view of the room all decked out in your wedding day décor. It’s a moment where you can really enjoy all of the hard work you put into planning all of the little details (flowers, place settings, etc.) and see how it paid off.

3. Eat. This is one of the biggest bridal complaints–you spend all that time (and money) choosing the perfect wedding day menu, and then you don’t even get to enjoy it. Be sure to take a break during the reception to enjoy your food–even if you have to do it when everyone else is on the dance floor.

4. Dance. Speaking of dancing, don’t forget to hit the floor during the reception. One way to make sure you have time is to greet all of your guests during the cocktail hour so you can really enjoy the rest of the reception without feeling guilty.

5.  Change into comfy shoes. You don’t have to stay in your heels the entire day. Bring a comfy pair of fashionable flats if your feet really start to hurt you during the party. And hey, it’s better than going barefoot.

6. Thank your parents and bridal party. Whether you do it privately or make a toast during the reception, don’t forget to thank the people who really helped make this dream day a reality.

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