Butlered or Stationed Hors D’oeuvres?

Butlered or Served hors d’oeuvres refers to appetizers that are served to your guests at the wedding reception- most commonly during the first hour known as the “cocktail hour”..   I’m a huge fan of this because it really brings a little flair to the event to have staff bringing food right to me!   It also acts as a nice touch to have a surprise bite sized treat offered when I’m most likely at my hungriest  (right before dinner)

Stationed hors d’oeuvres refers to a table or “station” where guests can grab a plate and help themselves to the appetizers.

Both are good options for your reception but a few things you should keep in mind when deciding which way to go.

First, if your guests are like me (hungry) then they will possibly destroy your “stationed” hors d’oeuvres by piling a dozen on their tiny plate.   If you are purchasing these as a “per item” cost, then you may want to consider  having these passed by staff.   If I’m offered ONE- then I’ll eat ONE.  If I have the option to help myself.  Then I will eat 70.

Stationed apps are typically a good choice for a cheese/veggie/ or fruit platter as the cost of these are usually pretty inexpensive.

When in doubt?  Go with a little of both!

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