Choose the perfect wedding photography style for you

Your wedding photos will capture one of the most amazing days of your life. Naturally, you want these pictures to be fully compatible with you, your style and who you are as a couple. How do you make sure you choose the best photography style for you, though? We have gathered some of the most popular wedding photo styles right here – so read on, find out more and choose the one that suits you most.

  • Artistic. These photos go beyond the classic pictures. They capture the beauty, art and gorgeousness all in one. They are shot through different perspectives and the photographer’s eye for detail plays a huge role in the entire process.
  • Photojournalistic. Similar to the artistic style but more “raw”, the photojournalistic style focuses on capturing the very real, very human moments of your wedding. Expect a photojournalistic specialist to capture your tears as they well up in your eyes when you make the first step on the aisle, the small accidents that will happen on the wedding day and even the way you re-do your makeup halfway through the Big Day.
  • Gloomy and dark. A more modern approach to the artistic style, the gloomy and dark “genre” captures a wedding’s beauty in dark, gloomy and yet whimsically mysterious colors. This style is centered on extraordinary perspectives and colors – and the results are nothing less than breath-taking!
  • Want your wedding pictures to look as if they were taken out of a fashion magazine? Hire a photographer who knows how to pull off a splendid editorial photo shoot. Both you and your groom will feel like real VIPs in these pictures!

Devoted Columbus has gathered some of the very best wedding specialists in the area of Columbus – so if this is where you want to have your wedding, be sure to come visit us as soon as possible!

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