Answers to Your Common Wedding Invitation Etiquette Questions

Your wedding invitations will be one of the most important elements created for your big day! After all, without a proper invitation, how will your wedding guests be aware of the details to be able to attend your ceremony and reception?

Seeing as your invitations are such an important piece of stationery, you will certainly want to ensure that they are created and presented to perfection.

Here at Devoted Columbus, we believe that every detail of your big day should be created with ease. That’s why we have gathered some answers to your common wedding invitation etiquette questions. To learn what these answers are, be sure to continue reading:

  • How Should We Present Our Gift Registry Information? Ideally, your wedding gift registry information should not be presented among your invitations. In fact, doing so is basically “asking” for a gift, rather than providing your guests with the option to purchase you something if they would like to. Showcasing your registry information as its own insert would be best.
  • Should We Invite Guests Who We Know Can’t Attend the Wedding? Yes! Even if you have guests who live far away or who you know won’t be able to make it to your big day, it is still courteous to extend an invitation their way. It shows that you care and wished that they would be able to attend your wedding day. In addition, this will provide them with the opportunity to send you a gift if they choose to do so since they are unable to attend.
  • When Should We Send Out Our Invitations? Traditionally, wedding invitations should be sent out about six to eight weeks prior to your big day. This gives your guests enough time to plan for their attendance at your big day, and RSVP.

Every couple should be aware of proper wedding invitation etiquette! These are just a few tips to assist you with yours. Here at Devoted Columbus, we are honored to pair couples with vetted Columbus wedding vendors, such as Avant-Garde Impressions, who creates custom invitations, accessories, and gifts. Please contact us today to discover your wedding vendors in Columbus, Ohio.

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