Winter Wedding Flowers to Incorporate into Your Bridal Bouquet

Spring is on the way, but winter is still here in full force. If your winter wedding is quickly approaching, or if you are planning ahead for next year, you will certainly want to ensure the you have the best blooms to complement your seasonal big day.

Are you aware of the top winter wedding flowers that you can incorporate into your bridal bouquet?

We are honored with the opportunity to present inspiration to couples planning their wedding! That’s why, here at Devoted Columbus, we have gathered some of the top winter wedding flowers that you can utilize for your bridal bouquet. To discover what these flowers are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Crisp & Cool. Winter showcases a crisp and icy appeal, and your bridal bouquet can too! With the use of eucalyptus, you can highlight a cool hue that will complement the snow of the season. Paired with white flowers, such as ranunculus and peonies, will certainly create a bouquet that emits a beautiful chill.
  • Deep & Rich. Yes, winter highlights an icy appearance. However, it also presents a sense of warmth with deep and rich hues. By utilizing flowers such as amaryllis, roses, and carnations, in dark reds, will create a bold accessory for your walk down the aisle.
  • Rustic & Detailed. There are many little elements that can add a rustic style to your bridal bouquet. Once you have chosen the perfect blooms, surround them with deep greenery. In addition, consider even more detail with the use of red winter berries and even twigs. Your bridal bouquet will complement nature and the season beautifully.

It is said that a bouquet is the bride’s most beautiful accessory! These are just a few flowers to choose for yours. Here at Devoted Columbus, we are ready to pair you with the best Columbus, Ohio wedding vendors, such as Up-Towne Flowers and Gift Shoppe and Giant Eagle Market District Dublin. Please contact us today to discover your wedding vendors in Columbus.

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