Your Guide to Planning A Daytime Wedding

As the evening winds down and night approaches, many weddings are kicking off. Celebrating nuptials late into the night sounds fun. But, if it doesn’t sound right for your own wedding, you will certainly want to begin planning a daytime wedding.

Day weddings aren’t unheard of and are actually quite a lovely event. Planning a daytime wedding isn’t difficult either.

Here at Devoted Columbus, we believe that your wedding should be everything you hoped for it to be! That’s why we have put together a guide to planning a daytime wedding. Be sure to keep reading to discover some great tips:

  • Talking About Timelines. A daytime wedding timeline will differ from an average timeline. Rather than taking most of the day to get ready, you will need to be up and ready at an earlier time, rather than sleeping in. If you plan on tying the knot earlier, you will have to ensure that you have an ample amount of time to get ready in the morning.
  • Don’t Forget to Eat! It is important that as you wake up early, you also eat. You will need to be fueled up for your early festivities. Consider whole grains, fruits, and some protein to get you going and wake you up. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated with water.
  • The Formality. If you are hoping to host a formal wedding, you are still able to do so for a daytime wedding. This is your big day, and you can plan whatever you would like. Don’t think that a black-tie gala can’t happen at noon!
  • Your guests will want to have a great time at your wedding! While most weddings present dancing late into the night, your daytime wedding can too! However, if you would rather stray away from dancing, consider alternative entertainment options, such as a photo booth.
  • What to Do After. After your nuptials come to an end, you and your partner will have the rest of the evening to enjoy yourselves. This is one of the many benefits of daytime wedding. Take some time to indulge in a spa visit, or catch a movie, and enjoy your time as newlyweds.

Your wedding will be a wonderful event! These guidelines will assist you in planning your perfect daytime wedding. Here at Devoted Columbus, as a wedding resource in Columbus, Ohio, we can assist you in creating the perfect nuptials. Feel free to contact us to book your Columbus Ohio wedding vendors, such as the wonderful wedding consultant, Andrea’s Occasions.

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