Don’t forget Mom

Chances are, your mom will be helping with the planning of your wedding- but it’s Dad who gets the attention with the Father/Daughter dance and walking you down the aisle.  Here’s a really helpful list from INSIDE WEDDINGS with some ideas to honor your Mom at your wedding.

  •  Wear something of hers for your bridal look. It doesn’t have to be her wedding gown, but a piece of jewelry or hairpiece will be meaningful. If your styles clash, fabric from her own wedding day could hold your bouquet or be included in your chuppah or arbor.
  • After your mom helps you get ready, give her a gift to show how much you appreciate her.
  • Provide her with a corsage to wear throughout the day, preferably with similar flowers to your bridesmaids’ bouquets.
  • After walking down the aisle, take a moment with your future spouse to each present your mothers with a rose before exchanging vows.

  • If you plan to light a unity candle, have a sand ceremony, or something similar, your mother and your sweetheart’s mom can take part, perhaps by presenting each of you with the lit candles that light the unity candle.
  • Having your mother give a reading during the ceremony is a touching way to make her a part of the nuptials.
  • If you don’t have a father figure available, it’s always lovely to see a mother walking her daughter down the aisle. Even if your dad is around, having both of your parents escort you is a great idea.
  • Hopefully you’re already planning to thank your mother in your reception toast, but an additional note in the ceremony program is a thoughtful touch.
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