Edible Wedding Escort Card Ideas

You will put a great deal of effort into designing your wedding details. Therefore, it’s only fair that they be truly appreciated. But, when it comes to the simplest of items, such as your escort cards, they often go unnoticed. As soon as guests find their seats, they are done with your cards.

Escort cards that aren’t getting the attention they deserve! However, this doesn’t have to be the case for your own wedding day.

Here at Devoted Columbus, we believe that every detail should be appreciated, and edible escort cards are the best way to grab the attention of your guests. We want to share a little inspiration for your own edible escort cards, so keep reading to fuel your creativity:

  • An Apple A Day. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but we will settle for it being a refreshing and delectable treat for your wedding guests. If you practice healthy living, or are planning a more organic wedding, an apple is a simple, yet lovely edible choice for your escort cards.
  • Sugary Sweets. Aren’t sugar cookies wonderful? They are such a versatile treat that can accompany any event, even helping your guests find their seats. You can shape your cookie to represent your wedding theme or even your table number. Or, for a fun appeal, present wedding dress-shaped cookies for the ladies, and tuxedos for the gentlemen.
  • Quench Your Thirst. Sitting through a ceremony has certainly left your guests craving something to drink after. Offer your guests a flute of delicious champagne to accompany them to their seats. This is a tasty way to get the celebration started!
  • Spice It Up. Do you love a little spice in your life? Offer your guests a little spice with mini bottles of hot sauce or a personalized spice blend. This is a great idea for couples who plan on featuring cuisine that will accompany it, such as a taco bar.

The time for boring escort cards has passed! You can make a statement on your big day with these edible ideas. Here at Devoted Columbus, as a resource for wedding vendors in Columbus, Ohio, we are here to pair you with the best professionals! Contact us today to discover your Columbus wedding vendors.

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