Finding Your Wedding Theme

The style or theme you pick for your wedding is a pretty important one! This concept will be carry over to all parts of your wedding, tying it all together. While this might seem like a stressful thing to have to decide, having an overall theme and idea for what you want your wedding to look like will make planning a lot easier! You can even tie in your bachelorette party or bridal shower to fit with this theme, just to make planning a little bit easier. This is something to have fun with! We want to help you find a wedding theme that is very you, and most importantly, we want to help you find a theme that you love, and that you’ll be proud to tell people about.


For a romantic theme to your wedding, have different shades of pink as your wedding colors! This can be the baseline for your decor, your bridesmaids dresses, and your own bouquet. String lights, pastel colors, lots of flowers, and small dainty decor is a must! This soft and feminine theme is classic and timeless!


For the fun-loving and care-free person, a bohemian theme is perfect! Dream-catchers, crazy, bright flowers, lots of greenery, and flower crowns are a must! Anything that you may find in a botanical garden can be apart of your decor! This is a fun theme for someone who is really creative, while this is a pretty popular theme nowadays, there’s a lot of opportunities to have a super unique wedding!


For the lover of all things thrifted, give your wedding a vintage theme! Head to your local thrift stores or resale shoppes to find all the vintage decor your heart desires! Going with this theme, your dress and makeup look will probably be the most important part of this theme that ties everything together. Tie your whole wedding together by featuring typewriter fonts on your invitations, escort cards, and signs!


This theme is perfect for someone who wants to have a simple, natural, and homey wedding. The key for a rustic wedding will be mason jars, wooden decor (centerpieces, archway, etc.), neutral colored flowers, to go the extra mile you can even have your wedding in a barn! There’s a lot of room for DIY here, if you or a friend have a talent for wood-working, it’s time to shine!


For the bride who doesn’t want to be put in a box, this is the trend for you. All traditions can be thrown out the window with an alternative theme, let your imagination run wild! You can further this theme by wearing an alternative wedding dress of whatever color you want. These bright bold colors we’ve given you as an example are eye-catching and unique, but don’t feel constrained to this color scheme. The key with these colors is too have pops of the bright colors and to balance them out with more neutral colors, like a muted pink or ivory. The alternative bride can come up with whatever they want! The only qualification? Be bold!

Dark & Dramatic

This dark and dramatic wedding theme will definitely make your wedding stand out against other weddings. The biggest statement you can make with this type of wedding is to have a black wedding dress, but you can still have a dark and moody wedding while wearing a more traditional white dress. Whatever color your dress is, plan to have dark and dramatic decorations to really bring home this color scheme. One thing is for sure, your guests will definitely remember this theme!

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