Indoors or Outdoors: The Wedding Ceremony of Your Dreams by The Blackwell Inn

Are you torn between an indoor ceremony and an outdoor ceremony for your wedding? 100% understandable. Outdoor ceremonies can be absolutely stunning, but they definitely come with their fair share of unknowns! We’ve compiled a short list here of a couple things to consider as you weigh your options and plan your big day:

  • Outdoor ceremonies deliver crisp fresh air and seasonal weather to match the incredible season you’ve chosen as the beautiful backdrop for your wedding day; Indoor ceremonies hold the promise of lovely temperature controlled bliss, prime comfort as you exchange your I Do’s. 
  • The lighting of your ceremony location often sets the mood of the wedding photos you’ll cherish forever: Do you see a bright, energized glow of sunshine with clouds floating through the air, or do you see a setting more intimate, an ambiance of dimmed lights and warm tones?
  • Surrounding yourself with the natural world invites lush greenery and polished landscaping to adorn your big moment, often grounded with the centerpiece of a beautiful arch, pallet wall, or altar of your selection as the focal point; Decorating an indoor venue can provide greater control of the full atmosphere by staging carefully selected stunning décor throughout, garnishing the details specifically with your wedding colors of choice. 
  • Searching for the best of both? A tent might be an option!  You’ll have the serene atmosphere of the open air and the opportunity for a soft breeze, but the steady cover of a roof to provide peace of mind from possible seasonal elements. 

The Blackwell Inn, located on the campus of The Ohio State University, has beautiful options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, PLUS you don’t have to make the final decision on hosting your ceremony indoors or outdoors until just 2 hours prior to the wedding. Contact their Wedding Coordinator, Michaela, at 614-247-4008 or [email protected] to schedule your tour today!

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