Is a Brunch Wedding your cup of tea? (or coffee)?

Would you ever consider a brunch wedding?  If I could do it all again, I certainly would!   The main reason is because the MONEY SAVING BENEFITS is just too good to pass up!   I imagine there isn’t one venue on the planet that wouldn’t consider a significant discount for a morning or mid morning event.  This is a typical empty time where the venue is not making money, so a discounted event is better than nothing!   Same goes for your photographer, DJ, Photo Booth and officiant.  Open bar can consist of mimosa’s and bloody mary’s.  HUGE SAVINGS ON YOUR LIQUOR!

MORE good news is your decor can be a little less over the top and your gown can be a lot less formal as well- MORE SAVINGS!!

The second reason I’d consider a brunch wedding is because I simply love breakfast over any other meal of the day.  Can you imagine a delicious coffee station with lots of flavors, creams, and syrups?  How about a build your own cereal and yogurt bar?   Don’t get me started on dreams of croissants, muffins  and breakfast breads as your edible centerpieces.   And then there’s the  homemade jam favors to welcome every guest to their seats..

Yes, you can still have that delicious wedding cake and you can still throw the bouquet.  But at the end of it all, your day has begun with a bang and you have the rest of the day to jump on that plane to the vacation of a lifetime?  Why?  Because you just saved so much time and money on your wedding, you have plenty left to splurge on the honeymoon!

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