Neighborhood Boxing Club

Neighborhood Boxing Club has been in the health and wellness business for the past three years. They’re a boxing gym in Columbus that specializes in boxing class instruction. Neighborhood Boxing Club focuses on boxing for fitness and not for sport. This creates a judgment-free environment where no one should feel intimidated. Neighborhood Boxing Club offers a family-friendly atmosphere, unlike any other boxing gym. This is what sets them apart from everyone else. Going to the Neighborhood Boxing Club offers a workout that is fun but also challenging!

Meet Ron Kelly

Ron Kelly is the owner of Neighborhood Boxing Club. Despite being a fitness guru, Ron ironically is the founder of a Facebook Group called “Donut Connoisseurs of Columbus” – we totally recommend that you join his group! He also admits that some days he eats cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ron is also a self-proclaimed child at heart. He loves to play video games! Some of his other hobbies include going to the movies and shooting some hoops, basketball is his favorite sport to play.

Fitness wasn’t always easy for Ron; he knows that it takes hard work and dedication to change your body and lifestyle. Ron started his boxing journey about nine years ago by joining a local boxing gym in hopes of losing some weight. In 4 months, he lost 45 pounds! He began to form a love of boxing and decided to become an instructor himself. Ron wanted to inspire and help people reach their fitness goals in the way that he did. After six years of working at that gym, Ron decided to open up his own boxing gym – Neighborhood Boxing Club. Ron is now dedicated to helping people of all walks of life achieve their fitness goals.

Ron is now part of the wedding industry because many engaged couples are looking to shed some pounds before their big day. One of the reasons he loves being a part of this industry is because he believes that “weddings and marriage are the stepping stones of creating the building blocks of traditional family values.” He’s happy to be someone that can help couples be healthier for themselves and each other. Ron’s greatest piece of advice for engaged couples is to keep finding more things you like doing together!

Check Out These Awesome Reviews!

“I’ve been in gyms for many years, have hired trainers, and used to run races, however I tried boxing and I love it!! It’s nothing like I expected. The workout is incredible. Cardio mixed with toning. Can’t be beat if you want a great workout in an hour! All the instructors are wonderful and work at your level, no judgement. Glad I gave it a shot, I’m a believer.”

“Humble, Body Positive, Friendly Gym! The atmosphere at Neighborhood is open and inviting.”


Phone: (614) 810-7428

Facebook: @nboxingc

Instagram: @nboxingc

Address: 6100 Huntley Rd, Columbus, OH 43229

Photo Credit for Professional Photos: Picture The Love

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