Owning a Directory

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Interested in owning your own Devoted Directory?

Thank you for your interest in owning and operating a directory website.  It is a great feeling to own your own business and control your future. We offer our websites to anyone that has the desire to work hard, is honest and ethical in all business practices, enjoys having fun, is well established in their community, and is money motivated. Already owning a wedding business is a plus!!

Our wedding directory website is a collaboration effort of marketing, sales and web development professionals.  We have business backgrounds in sales, sales management, marketing, advertising and technology. Our skills have been integrated into our business to make your job as a site owner as easy as possible. You will spend more time selling and less time managing your business.

There is nothing else out there like Devoted Directories business opportunity. It is your opportunity to obtain a truly turnkey business offering low cost with very low risk investment with recurring revenue streams from the various advertising packages. Your income potential is only limited by your location and sales activities.

We would love to give you a demonstration of our website. Please give us a call at 614-787-1840 and we will answer your questions about our business opportunities and demonstrate the amazing full functionality and comprehensiveness of our sites.  Our sales and technical support are available to you 7 days a week , even if this is outside of regular business hours.

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