10 Great Locations to Take Wedding Pictures in Columbus

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December 6, 2021

Columbus, Ohio is full of different places to eat, hangout, see a show, and many more. But when it comes to taking professional pictures with great backgrounds, sometimes the best places can be hidden. Listed below are some ideas to take professional pictures including wedding and engagement pictures of course!

1. Goodale Park

This park surrounded by Victorian Village is perfect for different kinds of scenery. It has amazing views of the downtown Columbus skyline, and is actually one of the oldest parks in the United States, so it is full of history. It also has a gazebo along with many paths to be able to take nice calm walks through the park.

2. Union Station Arch

In 2000, this beautiful arch was relocated from High street to the Arena District, right across from Nationwide Arena. With immaculate detailing, this background is perfect to take pictures in front of as well as underneath the arch. Even though it has been relocated and rebuilt, it still serves the cultural purpose it was originally built for.

3. Topiary Garden

Also known as the deaf school park, this amazing park in the Discovery District of Downtown Columbus has recreated Georges Seurat’s famous post-Impressionist painting called A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of LaGrande Jatte but in topiaries. Along with the topiaries, there is also a pond which is perfect when it comes to taking pictures here.

4. North Bank Park and Pavilion

This park runs alongside the Scioto River in Downtown Columbus with amazing views of the city. Along with the park, the pavilion location in this park is perfect for wedding receptions and large events, and also includes stone veneer on the park walls that are stones from the Ohio State Penitentiary that once was next to the park.

5. Park of Roses

Located in Clintonville just slightly north of downtown Columbus, this park is perfect for wedding photos. Inside Whetstone Park, this smaller park contains over 11,000 roses of 350 different kinds of roses. There are also different gardens that contain different kinds of roses, which gives a variety of options when it comes to choosing a location to take pictures at.

6. German Village

This little community south of downtown Columbus is perfect if you love red brick and something different. With many historic houses and buildings, this location is perfect to take pictures when it comes to an engagement or wedding photos! The scenery here might be one of the best among the different places in the Greater Columbus area.

7. Genoa Park

This park is located right in front of the Scioto River and it has a riverfront amphitheater which is perfect to take pictures in front of. It also includes different sculptures and statues, as well as a fountain. This park is also perfect to get an amazing view of the downtown skyline, as well as look at the LED lights located on the steps of the amphitheater which light up at night.

8. Franklin Park Conservatory

With so many different areas to take pictures at, this place is perfect for scenery and great backgrounds. It is known for its many gardens and the beauty of them, as well as temporary exhibits that come and go each year, which will always give you great options when it comes to taking pictures here. Once you’re done taking your pictures, don’t forget to check it out inside to see the great history, sculptures, and much more.

9. Hayden Run Falls

Central Ohio may have very few waterfalls, but this park/waterfall located in Dublin northwest of Columbus is the perfect hidden area to take pictures. With a boardwalk path leading down to the waterfall, you will know that it was definitely worth it once you get down to the bottom.

10. Main Street Bridge

This uniquely shaped bridge right in downtown Columbus is perfect for different backgrounds in every direction that you face. It takes you to and from Bicentennial Park and COSI, which are two great places in Columbus as well. It is the perfect structure and location for Columbus’ Civic Center Historic District.

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