Best Cozy Work From Home Styles For Newlyweds

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January 20, 2022

A home office is a must-have now for every home, especially for people looking to work remotely. This setup allows you to work from home, whether for the pandemic or you’re a newlywed. If you’re newlyweds buying their first home, setting up your home office needs to be a cozy arrangement.

If you’re a couple working from home, you would both like a comfortable space to work in. Here are some of the best and coziest work from home styles you can use for your new office with your spouse. These will be both efficient and won’t separate either of you any time soon.

  1. Seated Opposite Sides

Even in real estate open houses, the most classic style that you’ll find is having couples seated on opposite sides. This style offers you and your SO the most access to each other beyond being side to side. It’s also a fantastic way to work while preventing distractions.

The opposite side style offers several advantages, especially for couples who need to connect with their colleagues consistently. For starters, noise overlap will be minimal with the right noise-canceling headphones. There’s also a minimal visual distraction from the setup while having an open central area if you want to move around.

As for office design, you want something that takes advantage of the open central area. This can be a big main window or a door to a balcony, which radiates natural light and warmth. Opposite seating also allows you quick access to your SO, which means easy cuddles when you have downtime.

  1. Classic Side-To-Side Office

Side-to-side is a classic setup, especially if you prefer a more conventional layout. In the office, you’ll want enough legroom to be able to walk comfortably, so side-to-side gives you a good amount of space. It’s also worth considering ergonomics, especially if the room is longer rather than wider. 


Creating a symmetrical setup is crucial, especially if you and your SO share the same space. Additionally, you’ll need an open central area, which is great for walking back and forth, especially during conference calls or meetings. The open rear side area also cuts down potential movement on the back.


For this kind of setup, natural light is also essential to create eye breaks. This is especially crucial if your workspace is in a basement or attic to give you an idea of what time of day it is. Ideally, you want easy colors and accents on the walls to make everything easy on the eyes. 


  1. Cozy Couch-Corner Style

For couples that work from home and want to work on the same desk, a couch corner setup is another classic option to consider. This is ideal if you and your partner work together on the same task, such as when working on design work. 


The couch corner setup also prevents visual distractions between you and your partner and works perfectly for work that requires a lot of concentration. The couch-corner design is fantastic if you have a big desk or table and you don’t want to obstruct your access to each other. 

The couch-corner layout also gives you two seats facing each other, so you can easily toss in a snuggle when you’re feeling down. This should be fantastic for office setups where you don’t need to sit around too long for your work. 

  1. Small Desks, More Space

Not every newly-wed couple can afford a big house. In most situations, an apartment will have limited space, so the best move is with a small desk setup if this is the case. Small desks offer couples a comfortable and easy design, maximizing space to give you more elbow room. 


Small desks are perfect if you’re a couple with a small apartment and don’t need much hardware to operate. You will likely have a small PC, all-in-one or laptop, with enough space to write down notes. Small desks are also great for couples without children who don’t want to invest in a big desk or table. 


If you’re opting for small desks, you want to take advantage of the extra space that you get. Invest in sturdy desks that can support your tasks and the weight of your hardware. If you can, invest in additional comfort materials like blankets, chairs, and soft rugs to maximize the cozy factor with your spouse.

#Sitting Together at the Same Table 

If you don’t want a lot of separation and prefer more privacy, a setup like this could work. Many couples choose this kind of setup, especially when working from home offices. 


The main idea is to create a setup that merges together, especially if working in the same room. A modern setup like this also has the benefit of combining aesthetics with functionality. You’ll want a setup like this that maximizes the number of workspaces, but also keeps your SO close by. 


For this kind of setup, you want an open central area that’s big enough for both of you. The open central area also helps create a more organic layout easy on the eyes. 


In terms of colors, you want neutral and complementary colors for the walls. You also want a deep base color for the walls, which brings out the other colors in the room. You want a setup that takes advantage of the heavy central focus and wide side areas for furniture.

  1. Our Own Spaces Together

A home office setup doesn’t have to be a madhouse, and it shouldn’t, primarily if you work from home. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create a separate space for your SO, especially if they need to have their own space to work.


You can divide the space with a curtain or a solid divider. The key is to create separation by using different colored furniture and putting up a wall. The wall should be neutral so you can paint it later if you want a change of look.

This works best for couples who need an isolated space to help them focus or cut down on potential distractions. If you want a way to connect, set up a cuddle station on the offside of the work area. A cozy sofa or an entertainment area should be a fantastic way to recharge.

#Final Thoughts

If you’re a newlywed working from home, you need to make your setup cozy. You want something that’s both functional and also romantic. You want a comfortable layout that maximizes comfort and gives you enough separation to work effectively without significant distractions. 

Achieving this setup will be easy with the correct layout and interior design. Pick one of our suggestions above, and you should be on your way to enjoying work with your loved one.


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