How to Plan an Elegant Eco-Friendly Wedding

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December 1, 2022

Love mother earth as much as you love your partner? We have a few tips for hosting the sustainable wedding of your dreams. Let’s dive in! 

1. Plan your wedding around local, sustainable events. If there’s already an earth-friendly event happening near your venue, consider hosting your wedding around the same time. Many vendors will be happy to stick around an extra day or two for your wedding. 

As a bonus, your guests may enjoy attending the event in the days leading up to your ceremony! 

2. Serve locally grown food. Buying local and sustainable food is a great way to help the environment. Not only will you be supporting your local economy, but you’ll also be taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Forgo the exotic and expensive foods in favor of healthy dishes from local farmers.

If you’re having a smaller, more casual wedding, you may even consider asking local friends to contribute produce from their gardens. It’s an excellent way to get more people you love involved in your special day. 

3. Consider using eco-friendly decorations and favors. With the popularity of Pinterest and other DIY resources, more couples are finding ways to make their weddings unique while being mindful of their environmental impact. 

There are many options for decorating with recycled or natural materials that will save you money as well. We love the rustic look of a recycled paper wedding favor or upcycled glass jars stamped with the soonlyweds’ initials. 

4. Inspire your guests to go green. Though you shouldn’t pressure your guests to make any decisions, it’s appropriate to add a note on your wedding website informing them that your wedding will be eco-friendly. 

Include a list of ways they can contribute to your sustainable theme, like carpooling to the venue or donating to an environmental non-profit instead of a wedding gift.

5. Opt for locally-grown flowers. There’s something really special about decorating with flowers grown near your venue. Not only will these blooms be fresher and more beautiful, but they’re better for the earth. They’re also a healthier option, as they’re likely to be treated with fewer chemicals. 

6. Think minimally. At the end of the day, the most sustainable wedding will be the one that uses the fewest resources and materials. So if you’d like, opt for a minimalist wedding with simple décor, low lighting, and a reasonable amount of food. The less you waste, the better!

7. Every little bit matters, so try not to stress. Most importantly, remember that hosting an eco-friendly wedding is a big challenge , so you should be proud of any earth-friendly decisions you make. 

It may not be possible for every single aspect of your big day to be eco-friendly, so focus on the areas important to you and let the rest go. You’re doing your best. 

As long as you’re doing what you can to love the earth, we promise that the earth will love you back!


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