Including Your Mother on Your Wedding Day

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December 6, 2021

Most importantly your wedding day is about you! It is your special day where you are the star of the show, but it is always fun to make sure you honor your mother because it can add a special touch to your special day. Here are some thoughtful and creative ways you can include your mother in your big day!

Steal her style

Wearing your mothers wedding dress may not be your style but that isn’t the only clothing or accessory contribution she can make. Try accessorizing with some of her favorite jewelry such as a sentimental necklace or fabulous earrings. Veils are often a classic timeless piece, wearing your mother’s veil can be sentimental and add a touch of vintage to your wedding look. It is also a popular tradition to sew part of your mothers wedding dress into the underneath of yours to have a part of her with you!

Give a touching gift

Anything from a sweet note to a printed photo can mean the world to your mother on your wedding day. It can be hard for a mother to see her baby grow up. A small loving gift can easily make her feel loved, appreciated and know that you will always be there for her.

Switch up tradition

Who says your mom can’t walk you down the aisle or you can’t do a mother-daughter dance. Although these are traditionally roles meant for the father-of-the-bride that doesn’t mean mom can’t be a part of them.

Honor her memory

If your mother can't be there that doesn’t mean she can’t be there in spirit. Leave an open chair for her in the front row. You can decorate this seat with a picture of her and her favorite flowers to add a special touch.


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