Steph Esthi Spa Services

Steph Esthi Spa Services

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December 3, 2021

Steph Esthi Spa Services has been in business for 6 years now and recently went solo after previously working with two spas. She specializes in helping people look and feel their best by providing both a holistic and scientific approach to skin care. The company strives to help clients love their skin, but also works on relaxation, energy, and mindfulness in their everyday life. Relaxation massages are included in all skin care services, as well as offering specific relaxation services. Steph Esthi also offers a very unique concierge service which entails a traveling esthetician with a fully equipped mobile spa. They also have a partnership with Medical Spa NP in Lancaster, Ohio for other aesthetic needs including Botox, filler and more. They are extremely proud to work with the best and give their best every time.

Steph Esthi Spa Services has a lifetime of experience with clients from the what not to do, to the best ways to get rid of ingrown hair. They use both medical and Ayurveda skills to bring a “touch with Intention” into every service, leaving clients feeling like they have experienced something extraordinary after their treatment. Steph Esthi loves working with couples because she gets to be a part of their journey. She believes it’s a wonderful gift to help others, especially when clients want to feel their most beautiful on their wedding day.


Meet Stephanie Charache

Stephanie Charache is the owner of Steph Esthi Spa Services, located in Pickerington, Ohio. About 12 years ago, Stephanie experienced a life altering service from an esthetician and realized she didn’t know much about skin as she thought. Since then, Stephanie has become an advanced esthetician trained in both Ayurveda and Oncology Aesthetics with over seven years of body waxing and brow design experience. She has found good resources , ways of eating, relaxing and positive mental focus to fight against the stresses of the world we are all facing today. Stephanie incorporates what she has learned on her personal journey into what she brings to her clients. She wants people to know her esthi room is a safe place to talk or not and a place to leave the stuff at the door, letting the focus fall back on them.

Aside from work, Stephanie loves to cook and would have gone to culinary school if she had not become an esthetician. She also enjoys working out at Planet Fitness with her husband, and they plan to travel more as their four kids continue to grow and move on to new adventures in life. She recently welcomed a beautiful dog named Flynn to the family during COVID who can sometimes be a monster, but overall a joy! Stephanie also enjoys reading, listening to music, and visiting the metro parks and zoo on a regular basis.


Phone: (614) 406-4268



Address: 2686 N. Columbus St., Lancaster, OH.