The Columbus Relocation Guide for Newlyweds

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March 11, 2022

The Columbus Relocation Guide for Newlyweds 

The words “I do” symbolize the start of a new life as a married couple — exciting changes inbound! As newlyweds, you will tackle many challenges together. But what if that includes the words, “We’re moving to Ohio!”? It can be overwhelming to adjust to a new marriage and a new location all at once — not to mention, moving is no one’s favorite task. Follow these tips to help you smoothly navigate one of the first major transitions in your new marriage. 

Consider the Future 

It takes time to blend two lives, especially when you’re condensing two households and moving all at once. To help find the perfect Ohio home for you, it’s important to openly discuss your plans and priorities with your partner. Are you planning on putting down roots here long term, or are you just passing through? Do you think you’ll want to start a family here? Is a backyard space non-negotiable or will it be within walking distance of a local park? Knowing what you’ll need in your space will help determine if you should buy a home or consider renting. 

To help streamline this process, you and your partner should create separate wish lists. Compare them, looking at what your lists share in common and where there is room for compromise. Take time to learn about the area. Where are the best coffee shops and restaurants? Are you an Ohio State University diehard who plans on attending every tailgate? Add these interests to your wish list to help you and your partner determine the best location for you to start looking. 

Create a Financial Plan 

It’s important to be financially prepared to move to a new city. Columbus is Ohio’s capital and largest city. The cost of living in Columbus might be greater than if you chose to settle in an outlying suburb. Review your finances — including your combined monthly incomes — and compare that with the area’s affordability. What are the property tax rates? What’s the real estate market like? Knowing how much house you can afford is important if you decide to buy.

Once you have a solid understanding of how your finances stack up against the city’s cost of living, create a realistic budget that meets your monthly needs while also working toward your financial goals. Talking about money may not be your favorite subject, but being on the same page financially will reduce stress, potential disagreements, and help your marriage grow. 

Create a Moving Day Plan

It’s time to prepare for moving day! Congratulations on reaching this new milestone in your life together. While a new home and a new city are exciting, the actual moving process is notoriously stressful. To save yourself time, money, and a headache, consider doing some of the heavy lifting now — like decluttering. Whether you live together or you’re blending two homes, decluttering will require some introspection from the both of you. You can’t take it all, and it’s counterproductive to pack and move things either of you don’t need. Sort through your individual belongings, mindfully purging anything you no longer have any use for. 

Then pack room by room and little by little, labeling boxes accordingly. Staying organized and preparing ahead of time will not only help you ease the stress of packing — but unpacking as well. 

Relocating right after marriage might feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. As the official start of your adventures together as newlyweds, enjoy the experience!



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