Why You Should Have A Wedding Plan B

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March 8, 2023

Here are three reasons why you need a Plan B for your wedding.

  1. The Best Laid Plans...

As much as we may be list-makers and planners, we can’t control everything. All it takes is for Mother Nature to take a wrong turn at the ocean and, suddenly, they are calling for heavy rain on what was supposed to be your bright and sunny wedding day.

Prevent your wedding from getting derailed by weather by having a plan B in place so you can easily change course if needed!

  1. The Guest List Matters

Your guests are a big part of your wedding day and their comfort matters! If Aunt Mimi just got over the flu or cousin Jerry is in a wheelchair, a wet and muddy setting just won’t do. These considerations are just as important as what type of appetizer you choose. Trust us, nothing brings a wedding to a screeching halt quite like a sick, soggy aunt!

You also don’t want a crowd full of dripping, uncomfortable guests glaring at you while you trudge down a muddy aisle. Something tells us that probably isn’t how you envisioned your big day.

  1. It Can Be As Easy as 1-2-3

Many venues have contingency plans available — all you have to do is ask what they typically do in case of inclement weather. Many have tents, extra heaters, portable fans and air conditioners, and all kinds of ways to battle the forces of nature.

There are also lots of simple things you can do yourself to combat the weather. Grab some cost-friendly umbrellas that can be used rain or shine. Expecting a little more of a winter wonderland? Gloves and scarves can come in very handy and make great wedding favors.

Also, ask your wedding planner! They’re no stranger to contingency plans and will have plenty of ideas that won’t break your budget. If you haven’t hired a wedding planner, consider how much they’ll help if things go awry! Unpredictable weather is just the type of thing that makes having someone in your corner worth all the bang for your buck.

Need help coming up with your own wedding’s Plan B? We’ve got your back! Take the next step in planning your dream wedding (rain or shine) and book a consultation call with us today!


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