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This guide gets right into the hands of our engaged couples who want and need it. Filled with wedding planning tools and tips that they will want to hang onto for the duration of their planning process- those vendors who advertise in this guide are sure to have some great exposure- not to mention the amazing shelf life and the credibility print gives a business.

This includes a full-page, full-color ad for the entire year! There is also a digital version on our website.

Why Print?

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  1. Print is a break from technology
  2. 78% of consumers prefer to read in print format
  3. Print helps your company brand over several formats
  4. Print has a long shelf life
  5. Print reinforces the credibility of a company
  6. Print advertising is aesthetically pleasingThen under the be featured today button please add the following:

    Why Us?
  • We are 50% less than the competition
  • We are 1 of only 2 wedding magazines in Columbus
  • Bonus exposure in Cincinnati/Dayton
  • Full year worth of print advertising in full color
  • We offer payment plans
  • We will design your ad for free
  • Digital copy on our website
  • Opportunities to submit educational content and photos for extra exposure

Together we can launch your business to the next level!

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Wedding Directory

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The Wedding Experience

Get directly in front of your ideal clients at our wedding experience shows!


Wedding Magazine

Our planning guide gives your business credibility and long lasting exposure.



Get to know your industry peeps in order to gain referrals for your company!



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I have been in the wedding business for 20 plus years. When it comes to spending marketing dollars you need to be smart. You need to find ways to make your dollar pull double duty. Devoted Pros does just that. They have memberships that work with any size budget. You can just be on their website & you can also do everything they offer: Wedding shows, Print advertising, have your own page on their website, You can use the resource center to work with couples and the list goes on. They focus on ways to get you in the public eye. We like being a part because they want to be there for you. My company has been a long time advertiser with this marketing resource and believe it our return has been worth the investment

David Kurtz, D and M DJ Entertainment

The Uniglobe Travel Designers team values our partnership with Devoted Columbus and Devoted Pros! We love connecting with both engaged couples and other wedding industry professionals in the area. The resources, support, and opportunities they provide helps us better service our clients and develop stronger relationships in our community. Plus, the Wedding Experience is SO much fun and so unique to other shows we participate in! Always a great experience!

Ali Iovino, Uniglobe Travel Designers

We LOVE being a Pro Partner with Devoted Columbus! Jamie, Allison and the team truly are exceptional to work with. They take the time to learn your business and always market your business as if it were their own. We value the relationship we have with the team at Devoted Columbus. There are many companies out there to help market your Wedding Business but none of them are locally owned and operated, know the market, and know the business like Devoted Columbus.

Nick Bilski, Giant Eagle Market District