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Devoted Pros is the vendor division of Devoted Columbus (previously Columbus Bride & Groom), the largest and most unique wedding resource in Ohio. Specializing in connecting engaged couples to local vendors, as well as connecting businesses to each other, but most importantly helping companies grow! With over 24 years in the wedding industry in Columbus, and 19 years of owning multiple wedding businesses, we know all the ins and outs of the Columbus wedding scene.

Tammy Hudson

Account Executive

With over a million years in weddings in the Columbus area, Tammy has made a career of working to connect engaged couples with amazing wedding professionals! Her passion has evolved into helping business grow and thrive using her years of experience as an entrepreneur herself. Over the last 10 years her expanding knowledge of marketing and advertising has flourished to becoming the driving force in helping our vendors increase revenue and become more successful in their company.

Tammy is mom to 3 boys, and one man-child. Although her love is that of a city girl, she is stuck living on a 500 acre farm raising 1 dog, stray cats, 10 chickens, 2 ducks and growing interesting things in her garden. These are a few of my favorite things: traveling, favorite band Depeche Mode, loves Disney World, happy hour and brunch.



In case we have not met over the last 28 years here in Columbus, I can't wait to hear about you and how you can help engaged couples! I have had a passion for connecting wedding pros to engaged couples and other wedding vendors to help them grow! I am so passionate about this industry and coaching fellow business owners take their companies to the next level. Starting out as a wedding planner I know what it is like being a solopreneur and it is not easy- but I would like to help you get more exposure for your company, simplify, advise, and have fun!

Jamie adopted 2 amazing kids at birth, Jude now 15 and Jolie 22. She has been with her husband for 27 years and their key to a long lasting marriage is coming from a hospitality background and lots of laughter! One of her favorite things is going to her tiny home on Indian Lake, traveling, drinking wine, and continuous education. She also has a mini dachshund Jag who is very stinky and old but the sweetest pup ever!

Together we can launch your business to the next level!

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