Premier Entertainment

Disc Jockey

We have known Chris with Premier Entertainment for several years and love working with him because he is so passionate about what he does.  He knew from an early age that this is what he was meant to be.  Being a DJ/Entertainer is not only his job, it is his passion.  Some of the things that set Chris apart from others is that he is a professional and trained DJ and Master of Ceremonies.  He also has a good working relationship with many DJs in town and he considers them his colleagues, not his competition.

One of the things we love most about Chris is the Love Story he tells about his couples.  Chris takes the time to get to know you so he can tell your Love Story to the guests at your wedding.  It is a great memory that you will always have and it can provide some great candid photo ops for the photographer.  If you want a DJ that is invested in your day, you can’t go wrong with Chris and Premier Entertainment!

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