Tips for Seating Guests at Your Wedding

Wedding seating charts are notorious for causing stress to couples planning their big day. It can be complicated to create a wedding seating chart that keeps everyone happy and allows you to have your favorite wedding guests close to you and your partner. Are you looking forward to designing your own seating chart?

If even thinking of starting on your seating arrangement causes your brain to pound, don’t fret! As there are some tips that could assist you with creating yours.

Here at Devoted Columbus, we want to help you have an enjoyable experience as you plan your special day. That’s why we have gathered some tips to assist you with seating guests at your own wedding. If you are having a difficult time designing your own seating chart, keep reading to ease your struggle:

  • A Visual Approach. Sometimes, the best way to design something is by drawing everything out. Draw or create an image of your venue. Decide where all of the tables will be, and then you can begin to seat your guests at tables with a more visual approach. Sometimes seeing it is the best way to go.
  • Spark Conversations. If there are friends or family members that haven’t seen each other in a while and you know that they will want to catch up, you can seat them together. This will present them with the perfect opportunity to share conversation and create a friendly and engaging atmosphere for everyone. When seating your guests, know that comfort is key! You won’t want to present any awkward seating arrangements for your guests. So, keep in mind who will get along, and who won’t.
  • Your Bridal Party. Your bridal party is a big part of your big day! If you aren’t planning on having a sweetheart table for you and your partner, it would be best to seat your bridesmaids and groomsmen with you. If not, they should all be sat together.
  • Don’t Play Matchmaker. While there may be many single guests at your wedding, you won’t want to seat them all at one table. This could be awkward and embarrassing for them! Instead, if you feel like introducing singles to one another, consider presenting a couple at each table, rather than all of them among one table.

Seating your wedding guests doesn’t have to cause stress! In fact, with these tips, you can do so with ease. Here at Devoted Columbus, we are ready to pair you with top-notch Columbus, Ohio wedding vendors. Please get in touch with us today to discover your wedding vendors in Columbus.

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