Send-Off Ideas For Your Wedding

Imagine, you married the man of your dreams, the reception is where you always wanted it to be , the first dance was a dream, now it’s time for you to leave to your happily ever after. How are you going to exit on your wedding day to make it even more unforgettable?

Listed below are some fun and exciting ways to be sent off at your Wedding!

Walkway of Candles

This will defiantly feel like your walking to your next chapter on life. You can make this even more special by having flower petals surrounding your walkway . This is an artsy and cute way to create a glowing aisle as the couple enters the next chapter of their lives!

Release Balloons

This is such an uplifting moment , especially for a daytime wedding. Don’t forget about the environment, you can purchase biodegradable balloons online to make it environmentally friendly . All the guests can also attach their hopes and wishes for the couple and at the end of the reception everyone can go outside and release the notes and balloons as the couple is leaving!

Release Sky Lanterns

Are those stars in the sky? No, they’re Sky Lanterns! This is a particularly good idea if you are planning on having an evening reception.You can have your guest involved by giving them each a lantern to launch themselves. Light up the night sky with gorgeous lanterns and make a fantastic send-off where you and your guest will never forget!


Now here is something that will defiantly go off with a bang, literally. Nothing says celebrate like a good fireworks show. All of your guests can gather outside for a fabulous show of fireworks before you leave. It will be a great conclusion to a wonderful wedding and great start to a new journey!


Want to leave your wedding without worrying about unnecessary cleanup? Then bubbles are the perfect match for you. You can bubble your way to your happily ever after at dusk or at night with glow-in the dark bubbles.Each guest can be granted a bottle of bubbles when they arrive at the reception or ceremony. Then as the couple departs the air can be filled with hundreds of tiny little bubbles!

Confetti Poppers

This is a cute and celebratory way to send off the happy couple! The guest can pop the mini confetti cannons and the couple can be sent off in a sea of rainbow specks and sounds of excitement! Just make sure if your venue requires you to pick up any send-off items. You don’t want your guest cleaning up after the end of the night!


Some venues are not open to anything involving flames , but you still want your send-off to have stunning visuals? Sparkles are a classic and beautiful way to send the merry couple onto the next adventure!  All the guests will enjoy spelling words and making shapes with the beautiful sparks!

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