The Steps to Postponing a Wedding

(Featured image by Breauna Hughes Photography)

Coronavirus has caused many couples to have to completely rearrange their big day. If this has happened to you it can be hard to figure out where to start. Here are some quick tips and guidelines you should follow when taking the steps to postpone your wedding!

Talk to a planner

Talking to a wedding planner or any wedding professional can be beneficial in guiding you through changing your plans. Planners are trained to handle high stress situations; let them give you some one-on-one advice that can apply to your specific situation.

Talk to your vendors

Communication with vendors is key! Talk about new dates with your vendors and when they are available. Be understanding and patient with vendor because this can be a difficult for them as well. They will be willing to work with you the best they can to find a date that works for you. Finding new vendors is always an option! There are hundreds of local wedding vendors who are available and willing to help!

Pick a new date

Once you have sorted out all the details, it is time to set a new date! Let your guest know as soon as possible. Turn this negative into a positive. A fun trend right now is coronavirus themed save the dates. Do a fun photoshoot with your fiancé to include in your save the dates and send out to your guests.

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