Tips for Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

A lot of us fantasize about our wedding day for a long time, some of us since we were little! When you actually start planning it can be hard to put together your dream wedding without breaking the bank. Weddings are expensive! BUT….. there are ways to cut your costs down. Here are some quick tips for you to have an elegant, memorable wedding, without spending all of your savings (or someone else’s).

Set Your Budget

The first thing you should do before you get ahead of yourself is to set a budget. When doing this, think about how much money you want to spend on each category of things you’ll need to spend money on for your wedding (food/drinks, decorations, DJ, wedding planner, etc.). Think through what is important to you, what is important to your fiance, and what you’d be willing to cut costs on. This will give you guidelines when planning your big day! This is also a great opportunity for you and your fiance to figure out how you work together as a team financially, but be prepared to compromise.

Limit Your Guest List

In the middle of the pandemic we’re in, you may have to do this anyways. Pandemic aside, this can be hard to do…. If you’re really trying to save a lot of money, you’ll cut a lot of costs by not having to find a large enough venue that may be costly, and by not having to pay for as many people to eat or drink.

Buy or Rent Resale Items

When you’re planning a wedding you probably don’t realize the amount of things you’d need to make your walk down the aisle look like something out of a movie scene or Pinterest post. It gets expensive! But don’t panic – You’re in luck. Part of our company, Devoted Columbus, is a Wedding Resale Shoppe with gently used items people have used in their weddings in the past. You can visit our store to look for discounted decorations to give your big day a more unique feel. Have you already bought your decorations? No worries, after your wedding, you can bring us the items you used at your wedding and we’ll buy them for you and sell them to other brides in the future! It’s a win-win!

DIY Decor, Favors, and More

If you’re crafty and creative and want your wedding day to have a personal touch, you can opt for DIY decor/favors/pretty much anything! Instead of buying things from the store like table numbers, place cards, bouquets, etc., you could make all of this yourself… and with the help of your bridesmaids! Have your girls over for a wine-night where you hunker down and work on the decorations for your wedding. Some ideas for this could be: making your own bouquets from wholesale florists or buying artificial flowers, making your own invitations, centerpieces… and so many other things! There’s plenty of things you could pick up at our shoppe to achieve that personal touch!

Know Someone with a Specialized Skill? 

This is a fun way to include your friends or family in on your big day! Instead of them buying you a gift off your registry, you could see if any of your friends would be willing to make you something instead! If you have a handy cousin who knows how to do wood-working, you could ask them to make the arch for the ceremony. You could ask a sibling or friend who is good at graphic design to design your save-the-dates and place cards. You could even someone to assist with baking cookies for a dessert table.

Ways to Save at the Bar 

People love open bars but we have some suggestions on ways to reduce your spending. For example you can close the bar during dinner. Instead of having a full open bar during cocktail hour consider a signature drink and passed wine and champagne. Close your bar down 1 hour earlier at the end of the night or you can do a cash bar for the last hour. You can also save if you find a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol!

Borrow When You Can!

You’re supposed to have something borrowed, and something blue for good luck on your big day, right? There are plenty of things you can borrow from people you know! This is a great option because it’s free! Things you could borrow could be: linens, candles, vases, jewelry, veil, cutlery, etc. Who knows, maybe borrowing things will give you some good extra luck!

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