Top 10 Desserts to Have at Your Wedding That Isn’t Cake!

Have you ever dreamt of having a wedding that doesn’t conform to the traditional wedding aspects? Well this is the blog post for you! (Unless you just really like food too of course) Listed below are 10 dessert ideas to have at your wedding reception that are not cake!

Cake Pops

These are perfect for individual servings and choosing as many as you want!


Who doesn’t love donuts? Hopefully you said no one, which is why this sweet treat is perfect for a reception full of many people.

Candy Bar

This is perfect to have a variety of candy/desserts for everyone at your reception to choose from!


Who wouldn’t love making their own s’more at a themed wedding? I would!


These are a perfect basic dessert that people can add their own toppings to, which is where a topping bar can come into play.


Everyone seems to love pie, especially since there are so many different kinds of pie which means that there is always a flavor for everyone!


These are also perfect for a themed wedding as well as certain types of weddings that may be sophisticated and elegant.

Ice Cream Bar

Again it has to be said- who doesn’t love ice cream? This is also the perfect dessert to add a topping bar to and to get creative with!


These are perfect for the nostalgia from your childhood and remembering old memories with your closest friends and family!


Everyone loves waffles, and many different things can be added to them so that it fits the flavor needs of everyone at the reception!

**Bonus** MIX AND MATCH!!

Who wouldn’t love to see a variety of things listed on this list, even along with a cake at a wedding reception?

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