Top 10 Wedding Services you Didn’t Know you Needed

Have you ever wondered what you might be missing when it comes to booking services for your wedding? You might remember to hire a photographer, videographer, and more, but listed below might be some services you didn’t think of!

A Magician

Looking for some extra fun at your reception? A magician is the perfect way to have fun with your friends and family of all ages. If you are looking for one, contact Erik Tait at or by calling 614-753-2985.

Valet and Parking

You definitely don’t need to be worrying about who is parking where on your big day, which is why you should hire a valet and parking service! Contact Professional Parking Services at 614-315-4622 or visit their website at

Henna Tattoos

If you are looking to add an artistic touch to your wedding, Henna would be perfect. Henna can last for around two weeks up to one month, so it is perfect if you are looking for some extra decoration on yourself temporarily. If you are interested, contact Mehandi at or call 614-600-3366.

A Caricature Artist

Caricatures are always fun to get done so that you can have a picture that holds so many memories of where and when you got it done, which is why having one at your wedding would be perfect. Check out Caricatures by John Baily by calling 614-231-6432 or visiting

Ballroom Dance Lessons (Before the big day)

Hopefully you have been practicing for your first dance! If not, that’s okay, because Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Westerville can help you. Call them at 614-890-9790 or visit them at

A Food Truck

If you want to add some extra fun to the food experience at your wedding, then having a food truck is perfect. Paddy Wagon Food Trucks in central Ohio provides many different options including vegan and gluten-free, kids menus, and more. Contact them by calling 614-735-0491 or visiting

A Daycare Service

This unique service will be able to provide you with help with the little ones on your big day. Of course you want to invite anyone and everyone, but sometimes it might be hard to keep track of everyone. Social Sitters is a professional pop up childcare service who will bring toys, games, and many more to keep the little ones occupied so that you don’t have to worry. Call them at 614-519-2390 or visit them at

A Carriage

If you want to feel like Cinderella on your big day, then a grand carriage entrance is perfect for you! This helps you add decoration and elegance to your wedding, instead of doing everything the traditional way. If you are interested, contact Willow Wind Carriage & Limousine at 937-324-2981 or visit them at

Custom Favors/Art

Creating custom centerpieces, gifts, favors, and more can give an extra special intimate and meaningful feel to your wedding, and Doodlebug Art Creations can help. They can create custom wedding signs, guest books, and much more. Visit them at  or call them at 614-285-6386.

Eyelash Extensions (Before the big day)

Your wedding day is all about you, and taking care of you. If you want to add a subtle enhancement to your face and makeup, then eyelash extensions would be perfect. Femme Jolie Eye Design Studio can provide you with a variety of different eyelash extensions, as well as eyebrow sculpture and tint. If you are interested, contact her at 614-622-4930 or visit her at

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