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Devoted Columbus hosted a Wedding Chat Wednesday dedicated to all things flowers with local florist, Up-Towne Flowers. Jeff, one of the owners at Up-Towne Flowers, answered all the hard-hitting questions about selecting the perfect flowers for a bride’s big day! Below is a question and answer section summarizing the best advice that Up-Towne Flowers had for future couples when it comes to flowers.

What should couples consider when selecting a florist?

There are a few things to consider when picking the right florist. The first being cost. There are a variety of variables that the cost of flowers depends on and it is important to consider these factors when selecting a florist. Another is reputation and reliability. When the big day finally rolls around the last thing that a bride wants to worry about is if the flowers showed up. So it is important to go with a florist that you know you trust and can depend on delivering on the actual wedding day. The final thing to consider is the benefits of hiring a professional florist versus doing flowers yourself. The arrangements take a lot of skill and effort to create and at Up-Towne Flowers you have access to florists who have been in the business for almost 40 years. As well as a florist has access to flowers that you might not be able to get at just the average grocery store.

What can couples expect to pay for flowers at their wedding?

There are a lot of different variables that will affect the cost of flowers. The first being the size of the wedding. At smaller weddings, flowers could be anywhere from $400-$500. Whereas at bigger weddings a couple could expect to pay $2500-$3500. In addition to the wedding size, the type of flowers affects the price. As well as how many arrangements, centerpieces, etc are needed will affect the price. Each wedding is different so prices can be discussed after what the couple exactly wants has been decided.

Can a couple use their own vase or vessels if they use Up-Towne Flowers as their florist?

Yes! If there is a family heirloom or specific vase that the couple would like to use for centerpieces Up-Towne Flowers can accommodate this. As well as this could also save the couple money because if will prevent Up-Towne Flowers from using their supplies.

Is Up-Towne Flowers able to accommodate a custom flower experience?

Yes! Up-Towne Flowers is able to dye and customize any flower to match the bride’s color scheme of choice. They work hand-in-hand with the couple to ensure they are getting exactly what they want on their big day. If the bride requests blue flowers, she can get her blue flowers!

What should a couple do if they have no idea where to begin when selecting flowers?

Choosing flowers for a wedding can definitely be an overwhelming task. But the advice from a florist would be to begin by doing simple research. Flip through a magazine and start to pick a color scheme. Once the color scheme is chosen you can then decide whether you like extravagant arrangements or something more simple and classic. Then, you can work with the florist to decide which flowers would best create the dream you have envisioned. Choosing flowers for a wedding does not have to be a scary process as long as it is taken one step at a time!

Has COVID-19 affected the flower business at all?

All industries have been affected by COVID in some way or another. As far as flowers go, since gatherings have been much smaller and about ten people most couples have been getting just a bouquet and a boutonniere or a few other small arrangements. Uptown Flowers has created a package deal that a couple can purchase that gives them the perfect amount of flowers for these m,ore intimate gatherings. As far as supply and delivery, most of the flowers are coming from South America and there has not been a huge issue with accessing flowers.

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