Wedding Invitation Tips

Sending out wedding invitations may seem like a simple task but there are actually many things you must consider before sending out your invites. From how far ahead to send them to what details you should include there are more to wedding invitations than you think. We have got you covered! Here is everything you should consider when preparing your invites.

Who is invited?

Making the guest list is the most crucial part when preparing to send your wedding invites. You have to decide the size of the wedding and make your guest list. Make sure you are ordering more invitations than guest on your list! It is important to have extra invitations on hand for last minute add-ons to your list or anyone that may have slipped your mind.

Save the Date vs. Invitations

You should send your ‘Save the Date’ out close to 12 months prior to your wedding. This is a great, optional, way to give your guests a heads up about the wedding so they are able to plan around it and they will be more likely to attend! Your invitations should be sent out around 3 months before your wedding. Make sure to include an RSVP so you are able to have a head count before your wedding day. It is beneficial to have guests RSVP 3-4 months prior to your wedding day!

What should you include?

When it comes to wedding invitations, the more details the better! It is important that you include exactly who is included in the invitation. Include if it is guest plus family or if it is just a plus one! Making sure you include specific people on the invite can help you from awkward “who can I bring” questions in the future! The basics of a wedding invitation include date, venue, and time. Make sure you also include dress code details and a question about any dietary restrictions that you will need to inform the caterer of.

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