Answers to Your Common Wedding Menu Questions

Salmon, chicken, steak; no matter the meal you choose to appease your wedding guests’ appetites, you will certainly need to create a menu. There are many different foods you can present to your guests, and a menu is the best way to help them choose the perfect dinner for your romantic day.

However, there is a proper etiquette that should be followed when creating a wedding menu. Therefore, the right development will make it easy for your guests to utilize it.

We believe that your wedding details can be flawless, right down to the menu! That’s why, here at Devoted Columbus, we have put together a few answers to your common wedding menu questions. To gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • How Do You Kick Off Cocktail Hour? Your guests can enjoy unique cocktails, converse, and enjoy a small bite to eat while you and your wedding party capture wedding photos. This is the perfect opportunity to set the mood with your food. For example, you can serve items such as soup shooters, sliders, and even present an oyster bar. However, you will want to offer both gluten-free and vegetarian options, for those guests who may have dietary restrictions.
  • What Foods Should You Avoid Serving? Your wedding is an elegant event, where your guests will expect a certain setting. Therefore, there are some foods that you should avoid serving. Messy foods that are awkward to eat or pose as an invitation for stains wouldn’t be ideal. In addition, piping hot meals in the summer or freezing cold dishes in the winter should be given some thought.
  • What About Food Options After Dinner? Sometimes, you just want to keep the party going. The perfect way to keep your wedding vibe alive and kicking is to serve food options after dinner, such as milk and cookies, pizza, burger and fries, or any other delicious late-night snack food that will keep your guests energized on the dance floor.

Your wedding will be a blast! And, with the perfect menu, you will ensure that each guests’ taste buds are satisfied. Here at Devoted Columbus, we can assist you in creating the perfect wedding day by pairing you with the best Columbus wedding vendors. Contact us today to discover your wedding vendors in Columbus, Ohio, such as the delicious catering company of Bosc + Brie.

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