The Difference Between Wedding Place Cards and Escort Cards

Are you aware of the many different wedding details that will play a part in your reception? If you are featuring a formal wedding seating chart, there are a few cards that will make your reception flow smoothly, your escort cards and place cards.

Are you aware of which one is which?

We understand how important it is to plan all of your wedding details accordingly! That’s why, here at Devoted Columbus, we have decided to share the difference between wedding place cards and escort cards. To discover some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Escort Cards. The escort cards are used to show your guest what table they will be sitting at. So, you will want to include the table number, or table name, prominently, so that they can easily locate their specific space.
  • Place Cards. Once your guests find their seats using the escort cards you created, they will then need to discover which seat is theirs. Now is when your place cards come into play. Each card should display the name of your guests, and their seat number, if you are featuring assigned seats.
  • Combining the Two. In most cases, assigned seats are not presented at a wedding. Therefore, usually just one card is created which displays the table number and name of the guest, letting them sit where they please once they arrive at the table.
  • Are These Cards a “Must-Have” for My Wedding? Ideally, yes! If you are featuring a formal seating chart, you will want to ensure that your guests find their seat as easily as possible. Your cards will help you accomplish this goal, and your guests will appreciate the guidance.

Now that you know the difference between place cards and escort cards, you can use this knowledge to ensure that your wedding day flows smoothly and every guest finds their seat with ease. Here at Devoted Columbus, as a wedding vendor resource in Columbus, Ohio, we are happy to help you discover the best wedding vendors. Please contact us today to book your wedding vendors in Columbus.

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