How to Choose Your Wedding Reception Venue

When the location for your first date or even your proposal was chosen, the venue was a crucial detail. It contributed to the mood, the ambiance, and the setting of your romantic event. It created the perfect vibe for such an intimate get together. For your wedding, the same is true. Your venue is a key part to the overall feel and image of your big day.

Choosing the best wedding venue for your reception requires a lot of thought. After all, you certainly won’t want your reception to be hosted just anywhere. This is the beginning of your marriage, and it should take place within the perfect space.

We know how important your wedding details are, especially when it comes to your setting! That’s why, here at Devoted Columbus, we have put together a few helpful tips on how to choose your wedding reception venue. To learn what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:

  • All About the Appeal. Your wedding features a specific style, and your venue should complement that appearance. For example, if you are hosting a modern wedding, perhaps a venue with modern décor and design would best suit your big day. Or, for a rustic wedding, think of farm or countryside venues. With a venue that complements your theme, you will be able to showcase a cohesive appearance. Consider the style you want to evoke before going on the hunt for your perfect venue.
  • Research Your Potentials. There are key details that your venue must meet for your dream wedding, such as occupancy limits, alcohol limits, or even foot traffic. Occupancy is a huge factor. You will surely need enough space for all your guests. As for alcohol limits, some venues strictly prohibit any alcohol other than champagne. So, if you are planning specially made cocktails for your big day, be sure to check the alcohol restrictions of your venue. Also, if your wedding is being hosted in a fairly open location, or within a popular venue, it’s important to ensure that foot traffic will be to your liking. If you need to reserve space, that’s something you should be aware of before booking.
  • Consider That Contract. A contract may be lengthy and miserable to read. But, could you imagine how miserable it would be if you didn’t read it and were then surprised with an inconvenient rule within your contract? Double and triple check your contract before you sign anything. This way, you and your partner will be protected, and know exactly what to expect for your big day.

Your reception venue can be incredible and everything you had ever hoped for when you utilize these tips. Here at Devoted Columbus, as a wedding resource in Columbus, Ohio, we can assist you in finding the perfect vendors for your big day, such as the beautiful Blackwell Inn wedding venue. Be sure to contact us today to begin discovering your Columbus wedding vendors.

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