Wedding Superstitions That You Can Ignore

There are many wedding superstitions and traditions that have debuted throughout the years! A lot of couples choose to partake in highlighting these traditions throughout their wedding day, feeling as though they must. However, there are many superstitions that can actually be ignored.

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Do you feel as though you must showcase certain traditions on your own wedding day?

We believe that every couple should plan their big day in any way that they please! That’s why, here at Devoted Columbus, as a resource for discovering Columbus wedding vendors, we have gathered some wedding superstitions that you can ignore. If you would like to discover what these superstitions are, be sure to read on:

  • No Peeking Allowed. The most popular wedding superstition is that you and your partner can’t see each other on your wedding day until your ceremony. This originated decades ago, when the groom wasn’t to see his bride, as if he did he could have the opportunity to change his mind and run. While this isn’t the case today, couples still choose to take part in this superstition, as it builds anticipation and excitement for the ceremony. What’s you view on this?
  • Forgo the Yellow Blooms. Back in the day, it was said that yellow flowers symbolized jealousy. So, they were frowned upon to be used within weddings, as they were said to put a curse on the marriage. Today, however, couples are utilizing yellow blooms, and marriages are just fine! So, don’t fall victim to this wedding superstition.
  • No Saturday Weddings. It is said that Saturday is the most unlucky day of the week. So, weddings should not be hosted on them! However, in today’s world, Saturday is the most popular day to tie the knot on. While it may be an unlucky day to some, we think otherwise. How about you?

Superstitions shouldn’t detour you from planning the wedding of your dreams! These are just a few that you can choose to ignore when it comes to your own nuptials.

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