Wedding Tasting at The Blackwell Inn

Couple: Sarah Yamini & Troy Streacker

I’m getting married in March of 2020 and have chosen The Blackwell as my wedding venue because of all the customizations and wedding packages it has to offer! They are very flexible in getting you the designs and styles you would like for your ceremony and reception and has a huge ballroom area to do it in. I liked how they will be able to customize the dance floor to whatever shape and size we want. I like the selection of colors they have for our table decorations as well. I also love that we get two nights in their special suite for our wedding night! 

The dinner part of our wedding has been the most exiting experience so far! First, we were given a survey that my fiancé and I filled out that went over all of our tastes and foods that we like. One of the questions was what did we have on our first date? I thought it was great how the chef was going to customize the menu to fit mine and my fiancé’s preferences. After we had included what we like and don’t like in the survey, the chef came up with a customized menu for our wedding. My side of the family is Persian and my fiancé’s side is half Italian and half German and Irish, and going over the menu I was surprised to see how the chef added Persian meals to the menu as well as Italian/German. That was a nice touch! 

At the food tasting, we got to taste all the delicious food the chef had prepared. Everything was amazing! I loved how he had selected Tostadas as part of our appetizer menu to correlate with the fact that we had tacos on our first date! I also loved the Persian rice that he made and how he surprised us by making new Persian bread as part of our meal! That was an awesome job! They were very open to any changes we wanted to make and wanted to make sure the menu was customized to our liking for our special day. 

They were also very catering to my parents taste! They explained how they came up with the menu and were open to any suggestions/changes my mom wanted to add or make. That was very important to me! 

My fiancé loved everything as he loves food, and he enjoyed every menu option the chef had prepared. It is going to be hard to choose an entree for our wedding because we just want them all! 

Overall, my experience so far with The Blackwell has been amazing! They are quick to respond to any questions I have and are very accommodating! I’m looking forward to our big day with them! 

Contact their Wedding Coordinator, Michaela, at 614-247-4008 or [email protected] to schedule your tour today!

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