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We are Bloombeads | Freezeframe, and we have been preserving flowers and making them into art and jewelry since 1993. We were part of the founding group of floral preservation specialists that helped formalize the industry, and we have spent the past 25 YEARS perfecting our processes.  We know that the details of your wedding are so very personal and reflective of you, and our goal at Bloombeads | freezeframe is to help you capture some of those important elements  and carry them with you long past your wedding day. What makes us different?

  1. Experience – Our team of preservation professions have a combined 75 years of experience with this art form.
  2. Selection – We offer the widest range of options for framed art or keepsake jewelry in the country.
  3. Longevity – We have developed color-retention processes that ensure longevity of your preserved flowers, & our thousands of happy past customers confirm this.
  4. Tone & Texture – Our preservation method assures minimal cracking and wrinkling of petals, so they still look fresh, while maintaining the original vibrant tones of your fresh blooms.
  5. This is all we do every day, & we treat each bloom  as if it were our own.

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