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Hi There! Welcome to Turn Up Columbus.

Here’s the deal: You want an amazing wedding day or event right here in Columbus, OH. We want to help give it to you.

You want a DJ who is fun, interactive, and someone you can trust. That’s our DJ team.

You’re looking for a company who offers amazing add-ons like Uplighting and Selfie Stations. We have the best Selfie Stations and Uplighting in Columbus.

You want a modern, unique, and cheese-free wedding or event. We hate cheese (except for on salads, burgers, pizza, tacos, cheesecake, fries, pizza, burritos, pizza, quesadillas)! Ok, we love cheese on everything…EXCEPT WEDDINGS & EVENTS!

Most importantly, you want a stress-free experience, without breaking your budget. Congratulations, You’ve found your dream DJ company. Keep scrolling to learn more about what we offer Central, OH.

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