What does it all mean? Wedding Glossary

F&B. BEO. Tall Cab…what does it all mean?    Events and  catering language can sometime seem like a foreign language to those not in the banquet or wedding industry.  Here’s a short list of my favorite glossary of wedding & catering terms for you.

Back of House:  “back stage” or behind the scenes; everything that you and your guests do not (and should not) see

Banquet Event Order (BEO): A Banquet Event Order,  Function Sheet or Event Order, is a detailed document that provides to a venue instructions and a timeline for how the banquet, meeting, or event will be run. It specifies the details of a specific food and beverage function or event room setup, including final menus, agreed-upon room setups, specific timing and agendas, staffing details, etc.

Bout: Short for boutonniere

Butler Service: A type of catering service where servers offer food and drinks to guests on platters.

CAB: A type of table (tall or short) that are utilized for cocktail receptions.  Also known as a “High boy”

Charger Plate: Decorative plates that are larger than the dinner plates and sit at each place setting. Never used for food, sometimes removed before service, sometimes the first course is set on them.

Corkage Fee: Cost of bringing alcohol that has been purchased elsewhere into a facility.   A fee charged to open your bottle of alcohol during your reception. The charge applies only if you have provided the alcohol yourselves instead of getting it through your caterer or venue.

Crudités: An appetizer of raw vegetables (like carrots, celery, cucumbers and peppers), sliced up and served with dip

F&B: Short for “food and beverage”.

Front of House: Like the stage of a theatre; everything you and your guests DO see!

Guarantee: A commitment to pay for a contracted number of servings whether or not that number is actually used or consumed, usually required to be provided three days or more in advance of an event.

Host or Hosted Bar: A sponsor or host of an event pays for drinks ordered by the guests. Also known as This can be done by the hour (open bar), by the bottle, by the drink (per consumption) or per person.

House Brand: Any brand of liquor served when a customer requests a drink by its generic name, e.g., gin and tonic, scotch and soda – The least expensive brand served, as opposed to more expensive Call Brands, when a customer requests a drink and specifies a brand name

Plus Plus: The addition of taxes and service charges to the food price. Usually designated by “++.”

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